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You're All Racists, Basically.

1) You’re all racists (some of the time).

2) You’re all also anti-racists (some of the time).

3) Being a racist is a moment-by-moment thing. It’s not a thing of permanence. People make choices in every moment and sometimes your choices, statements, words, or just general behaviors are well.... a little racist.

4) Sometimes y’all are cool though. Out here protesting and cutting off family members left and right ! Donating all over the place. Messaging more black people on grindr . Love that shit. Keep more of that energy.

5) When someone calls you in, just breathe. Also, i wished this went without saying but do not call the police . Fight the urge to get defensive. They’re most likely talking about one of those momentary choices, statements, words, or behaviors I mentioned above. You can deal with a moment. You can correct a moment. And you can avoid that moment in the future.

6) If this post helped you, buy me an upside down caramel macchiato with soy ($6.33).

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